Atilla the Hun Edit

He was rogue... They Said he was a good guy but, well I just don't know. I keep thinking and it's me, by the way, Poison, I'm thinking, somehow people get Into a real world, where they believe, IN Gaud, but me? Well I'm more of a here and now kind of a girl, and looking out into Your world, maybe I could be like that some day but someone here told me, that it's fine, to like the way I am and it's fine, to be the way you are unless everyone KNOWS I'm fine and they don't know, about you, Ivy, in, no that's me still, I'm not confused, but you didn't know, that I don't deal with Two-Face, when he comes to talk to me it gets upsetting for me, because he's not, not Two-Face the WHOLE time, him and Harvey, like as not, so I've Poison, and separately I'm Ivy, and that's how I talk to myself, he leaves usually, it's upsetting him. Now if you thought I was all bad, and then you got sick, and bored, the second we got into, just where I have to go to in these little worlds, to deal, with a scourge of life, could you know something about, plants, and it's that Catwoman, knows a lot more about them than I do, it's very strange, she keeps doing that, and I don't know, what you thought, an original garden was, but every green house I have is original, and surely, I've met, Adam, and I've wondered who you think you are, even when i want to fuck with them, like when I get them to try out assaulting Superman, they won't budge. There's worlds you're not a part of that we could all venture to get better at, at some long swept day and age but if Batgirl wasn't in the way, don't you think it'd come time straight away, when some sure kitten was in the mixing, or yes, child, was the issue, Catwoman would be there, with Batman? Every time? Just so, well to note it's me that she can come to, if there is an issue where her partner might needs be, or in the case of the fire following the murder of Firefly, by some cute little boy who ran off, I think, anyway the scary freakfire, it was me and Catwoman, kicking people's asses and cacti can do a lot but they're evil, so surely, venture there are other water baring plants like an Aquariata Maunstrastio, that can coul, and chill a planet more effectively than you know, and no, I don't have a secret human alias that isn't simply, yes, first and last name, Aloe Vera. If Batgirl found one; she's an idiot. I don't use paper; I have cunt.

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